September 19, 2020

There is Power in His Shelter  

an online ladies event

Isaiah 41:10; 2 Corinthians 12:9; Psalm 27:5, 61:3 

Have no fear or dismay because God is present with us. His grace is sufficient. He is our protection in the time of trouble. 

The world has changed in the last four months -- we can't be together in person to fellowship, study, or even hug! But God is still good and He works everything out for the good of those who obey, love, and serve Him.

On September 19th, we will gather to be refreshed, edified, and comforted with lessons on maintaining mental health, overcoming  anxiety, and reducing stress. We will also update everyone on the 10th Ladies of Virtue Retreat. Please join us!!

Saturday, September 19, 2020


Meeting ID 925 6291 6872

No Registration Required

ADD TO faith, VIRTUE...

Inspirational Monologue 

Sis. Emma Moton

Spoken Word

Sis. Erika Stanley

author, "For the People to Drink"


Sis. Ann Griffin


God is in Control (Psalm 46:10)  

Sis. Alicia Dorn

Patience in Times of Trial (James 1:1-4) Sis. Renee West

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Inspired by Virtue: Inspirational Journal for Women

by Dr. Tracy L.F. Worley

with contributions from Sisters in the Body of Christ, Forward by Sis. Celeste Rupert
Dr. Sybil Knight-Burney, Editor

Inspired by Virtue is a historical document, tracking the enlightenment and instruction shared from 2012 through 2020, as we prepare to  celebrate our 10th Ladies of Virtue. It is a combination of  commentary and observations, scripture, and inspirational prose and poetry by women and girls from all over the Body of Christ, and it includes note pages to document your inspirational journey. By purchasing this book, you help Virtue in Christ  maintain affordable registration fees for future retreats.

Inspired by Virtue is a full-color paperback is available now. Purchase through Amazon at $28.99, or buy it here -- on sale at just $25 plus shipping.

Allow up to3 weeks for delivery.


Sis. Amy Brown                                                             Sis. Andrea Morris 

Sis. Carole M. Hamilton                                             Sis.  Myra Nuton

Sis. Gail Harrison                                                           Sis. Mary Jane Perrault 

Sis. Sybil Knight-Burney                                            Sis. Tina Prince

Sis. Melanie Joyce Johnson                                        Sis. Crystal Reyes

Sis. Andrea Lorick                                                         Sis. Celeste Rupert

Sis. Jacqueline D. Maxwell                                         Sis. Lisa Veale                                                                               Sis. Enomi L. Worley  & many more!