In 2017, Virtue in Christ began working year-round with teenaged girls in the West Baltimore community of Sandtown-Winchester to help them cultivate positive, Christian character traits and encourage their work in the community and in the church.

In Sandtown-Winchester, Virtue in Christ has stepped in to provide mentoring and leadership training in the Sandtown-Winchester community. This work is complementary to the work already being done by their community partner, the  Church of Christ in Sandtown – career and college preparation, food, clothing, backpack, and school supply giveaways, etc.

​The True Beauty and Virtue Program is founded on Christian principles and is a vehicle for mentoring young ladies to not only carry themselves with decorum and self-respect, but also conduct themselves with integrity, seek educational enlightenment, and aspire to Christian accountability in all  situations.  The True Beauty and Virtue Program is designed to help ladies as young as 5 years of age maneuver life’s challenges by building self-esteem, self-efficacy for good behavior, and personal refinement through the advancement of Christian principles and personal development.

Through our mentorship, participants will achieve the following outcomes:
Development and exhibition of an esteemed sense of self
Development of self-efficacy for personal motivation
Development of self-efficacy for servant leadership behaviors
Development and exhibition personal responsibility traits
Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of Christian values

Dedication to continued self-reflection​​​​​​​

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True Beauty & Virtue Program


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